Re: Blackie/stripe club

Your story brings one of my memories back from my strip club visits in the '80's. I would do as you did: go to the clubs without any underwear on, a raging hard-on, and with bad intentions! I would get lap dances where they would put their titties in your face, turn around and have their asses right there! But what I would do is, when they turned away from me I would scoot up and close the distance between that ass and my dick! They'd be thinking they have room between us, but as soon as they lowered that juicy booty down, they'd pretty-much be sitting on my tool! It would shock the hell out of them to think they misjudged their move! One time a black girl did it and I started shooting thick, sticky cum in my extra thin shorts, add cum got on her thigh. She felt it so she stood close enough to the inside of my spread-open legs and wiped the cum on the inside of my shorts! I thought she was gonna run and tell security, but she just walked away. I guess she wanted to get to the bathroom so she could clean the rest of it off! Ouwiee that was a hot nutt!

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