strip club game in private room

Last christmas before the chinese virus killed the world i decided to go to a strip club. London is full of strip clubs in central and around the east end its paradise for chikans ohh i love london shame about the fucking chinese virus.

Before going there i wore loose trousers without underwear and took a dose of viagra to make my penis like steel so i can chikan the strippers white booty arses hard corrrr corrrr.

I entered the strip club which is in central london. Saw so many hot white booty there. My penis was already getting hard and it was poking through the thin material of my trousers. Its a good thing i wore a long shirt to hide it ahahaha.

This white booty girl long dark hair maybe 20 years old came to me and asked me if i would like a private dance i said yes i began walking really funny to the private room because my penis was so hard. She asked if i was ok i ignored the white booty girls question. Did not want to have stupid chat with her or answer stupid questions i wanted white booty arse.

Once in the private room she told me to sit down i sat down she began to dance shaking her arse. I was hypnotized by her beautiful body she gyrated to the music her boobs were inches from my face. Then she turned around and began shaking her white booty arse it was inches from my penis. I could not control myself.

Her arse looked nice and peachy in the short black mini skirt. The moment she turned i growled sprung up grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in thrusting my hips foreward smashing my nuts into her crack. My hard penis melted into her crack.

She immediately turned to face me so i backed off and sat down again. She continued to gyrate her body to the music. Then she turned away from me again and began shaking her arse in my face again.

I growled again jumped up and started grinding her peachy booty arse again. Pulling her in my lips were touching her neck. My dick was stuck inside her crack soo good corrrr.

She immediately pulled away and turned to me and screamed 'take down your trousers NOW'

I got scared at the same time i was thrilled an excited. I undid my belt and pulled down my trousers down. To show my full glowing erection.

She stared at my cock and shouted YOUR NOT WEARING UNDERWEAR'

I thought she was going to call the security but she just stared at me like i was some horrible animal. I pulled up my trousers up quickly and walked out the private room then decided to leave the strip club.

Once i got home i began to masturbate it was a big thrill to be caught and she telling me to pull down my trousers and the look on her face was fucking gold ahahah. For hours I wanked off and thought about that beautiful moment i love strippers corrr rhahahahaha

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