bear hugging women

London as i have said before was chikan paradise until the fucking chinese invented and spread horrid covid 19 around the world.

Years ago some celebrity was shopping in Top Shop in Oxford circus fuck knows who the celeb was frankly i do not care. This drew crowds of people including young girls outside the entrance of top shop.

I was hunting in oxford circus that day and noticed loads of people congregating around the top shop entrance. I immersed myself into the crowd behind a group of teenage girls all wearing denim skirts. One brunette had long dark hair i got close and pushed my face into her hair. Corrr it smelled so good freshly washed corrrr. I managed to twist my tongue into her hair corrr.

The crowds began to get thicker and thicker i began to plaster myself onto the backside of the teenage girl she was so busy looking out for this celebrity she ignored me pressing on her.

I opened my legs and placed my chin on her shoulder and began sniffing her neck coorrrr this babe was mine all mine corrrr. My cock was already erect and pressing into her crack corrrrr corrrrr.

Then the celebrity came out of the shop everyone started cheering and screaming i pressed harder into the bitch and she shouted "i cannot see".

I whispered in her ear letme lift you up. She giggled and said no its ok i said I insist you have to see.

I put my arms around her waist and pulled her between my legs and then picked her up. What a feeling man this piece of meat was mine corrrrr corrrrr.

She said thankyou and began giggling and taking photos i felt sweat pouring from my head. I was breathing heavily i wanted to kiss this bitch on her neck and in her hair she was mine corrrr.

It was like owning my own sex doll ahahah. Suddenly i exploded and began to get dizzy i let go of her and backed off the cum was spilling through my pants.

The girl said thankyou and kept giggling.

I saw two police man approaching the crowd i got scared and decided to escape it would be a nightmare if they saw the wet cum marks on my jogging pants.

Managed to get out of the crowd and to oxford station and make a get away on the central line. On the carriage people were staring at my cum marks.

One girl laughed and said to her friend ohhh i think he has pissed himself ahahahah.

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