clapham junction and fenchurch st station

Before covid 19 fucked things up loads of white booty use to commute into london from towns outside london. Two chikan hot spots are clapham junction and fenchurch street corrrr.

Clapham junction thousands of white booty catch the train in london waterloo corrrrr. I love mashing up on these white office girls. Around 830 am monday to thursday the carriages get crammed.

Crowds always build up on the platform i always wedge myself between groups of women waiting to board the train. As soon as the doors open I bull doze my way into the carriage pushing the women in front of me like a mad man corrr.

Just before corona rubbish happened I was plastering myself all over young white girls bodies smelling their hair corrrr. It was chikan paradise corrr.

They wear short office skirts so if you are wearing loose trousers you can feel your hard pressed hard between their cracks corrrrr. The great thing is you can have one office girl in front of you who are fucking up the arse and a second one pressed up beside u corrr.

i am going to the local brothel in essex to fuck some crack corrrr nice white crack coorrrr.

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