Re: Old Butt Cuntorious

"How are you chikans managing the double life you are living? Did your wife ever get curioua about the cum on the front of your pant?"

Interesting question. Well I've been single for 2 years so don't have that worry at the moment. I've never lived with my past girlfriends, not had a serious enough relationship to do a big move-in-together thing. This is PARTLY because of my chikan fetish and that I easily get bored with one girl, but MOSTLY because I haven't got with a girl good enough to share my life with like that.

But if I was married and my wife found cum on my pants I would just say I was horny and jerked off to pics of her in my phone, give her a fat kiss and ask her why there's brown marks on all her panties. She will probably deny it but my purpose was to distract her away from my cum stains.

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