my easy target (WARNING: she may be 13 years old)

Unlike most of you cunts who probably make up your stories, my shit is all TRUE and actually happened.

I started telling you fellow perverted fuckers about my sexy friend from my school days here and I will share some more now

The fear of getting caught going too far or her figuring out what I was up to was ALWAYS at the back of my mind. I was doing a good job pretending to be a best friend... wasting fucking hours on the phone listening to her SHIT and playing along, usually while jerking off to the sound of her sensual voice. She definitely loved me like a best friend, trusted the shit out of me. All the while I was obsessed with her body, her legs, her titties, her smooth little arms, her pretttttty as fuck face and MOST OF ALL her butt. I dreamed about spreading her cheeks apart and french kissing her butt hole.

After the time she sat on my lap and basically massaged my cock with her pussy and butt cheeks until I bust a huge nut in my boxers, there still was NOT much physical contact between us initiated by her. So for the next few weeks, this is the shit I successfully did:

- When walking together I'd hang my hands by my side and gently bump and touch the outside of my hands against her booty. She never EVER picked up on this, so sometimes I was braver and if it felt safe I would keep a hand gently resting on her ass for 5-10 seconds. That would get me so hard!!! I loved it when her skirts were really thin and tight
- I continued to upskirt her at every possible safe opportunity, fuck that was a huge turn on... I just loved perving at her panties covered butt in school. Going up stairs to classes was the best, I'd just stay behind her and keep lifting her skirt up
- She sometimes realized her skirt was lifted by my hand and ALWAYS assumed I was helping her cover up hahahah this made me take more risks. The real art was my acting, she did NOT detect any threat or perverted shit from me
- We spent around an hour talking on the phone daily, weekends longer, we met up in a park half-way between our homes a lot too. I remember pushing her on swings when she would let me, getting great upskirt views and palming her butt when I could.
- She had zero desires to be romantically involved with anybody, just was not inclined that way. She loved to dress revealing, her parents were total fucking idiots. I would walk down the street with her and the wind alone would upskirt her a hundred times a minute. I mean I loved it but her parents had no sense haha
- I loved noticing other guys perving on her. We would go through a mall on Fridays to get ice cream or candy and you could see men in their 30s, 40s, 50s looking at her like a peace of meat. (A couple of years later she got groped mercilessly in a crowded elevator by an old bald man, he even got a tip of a finger inside her ass hole!! After she told me the story, I gave her a long caring hug and while holding her enjoyed looking down at her delicious ass! Looking down at girls asses is the best view! Then I immediately jerked off in her bathroom, I dug around in her laundry basket and used her dirty underwear wrapped around my dick while visualizing her getting violated. I jizzed in her panties and dropped some in her sink. Some day I will write it up for you cunts to enjoy reading)

While I was 14 and she was still 13 some of the fun shit we got up to was:
- laser tag
- pool
- wwe wrestling with each other
- basketball
- bowling
- crazy golf
- ... basically anything I could teach her so that I could innocently press my dick into her ass, brush hands against her tits and ass... wrestling was the BEST for this, but I had great success in all of those activities.

I have ample stories to share, in fact too many

Shit got more interesting when she was 14 and we started going to music concerts, sports games, cinema together and with groups of our other friends. I would grope some of the other girls too but with great caution.

Think I might do a wrestling or concert story next time

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