I had extreme success at a recent massive protest. Man. I was all over the barricade all day!

The highlight was this white MILF that was with two guys. Now, the moment my cock came into contact with her soft booty she immediately pressed back and swallowed my erection. She first pushed back, then after some seconds started bouncing her booty, massaging my cock.

Now, this was the highlight because shortly after, her male friends were watching me very intensely and eventually, one tapped on the milf and ordered me to move back. The MILF LOOKS AT ME, SMILES, TELLS THEM ITS FINE, I AM AWARE HE IS BEHIND ME. LMAO. Green light if I ever needed it.

She then, turns back around, and bends way, way over. I jumped right back into it and she rode this dick every which way. She would go up down, jostle left to right, just massaging my cock everywhere. God. She would stick it out even further, pushing her hamstrings onto my quads while her crack swallowed me and squeezed my cockhead.

There were many rides. Another white young woman in leggings with a soft, soft booty that I had been rubbing all over even turned around and kissed me very firmly on the cheek when a speaker ordered everyone to hug. The only kiss I saw anyone give. Another very firm green light lmao.

Get yourself to these protests!

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