Going Limp on a Player?!

Mr.GropeGuest: I have a question for all y'all fellas. Have you evergone limp on a player?! Here's my story...

Just had a recollection of something that happened to me on a crowded bus(pre-COVID19 period). I found myself behind a real Big Bouncy Booty Black milf who in my opinion and experience, had the juiciest booty ever.

As she got on the bus, she stood right in front of me but I couldn't ride that ass just yet as it wasn't crowded enough. But yet and still I got a good view of that booty bouncing and shaking to every bump on the road that the bus rode on and just by looking and imagining myself between those cheeks, I could feel my blood begin to rush.

As if by luck, two stops later a surge of peeps got on da bus and I knew it was game when the milf pushed that booty back up on me. I got an immediate hard on but the position of my dick wasn't allowing me to get a good feel of that badass booty.

I wanted to adjust it but some nosy chic seated on the side kept throwin' an eye over to my crotch area and also at the milf's booty. So all I could do was just strategically roll my hip in small circles pushin' on to that booty and I got no reaction.

Luckily a police cruiser went by with sirens wailing and while the nosy chic and everyone else on the bus looked over, I took the chance to adjust my dick and plant it right between those ass cheeks. Ay yo fellas, I tell you I went full length in and there was still a few more centimetres to spare. It also helped that she was wearing a thin material skirt and me wearing some loose thin material trousers.

Anyway, as the bus moved it kinda hit a bump causing me to push in with some force into those bootyful booty cheeks and I felthem tense up as if she was clenching them together or some shit like that. Man I swear ti felt better than heaven. She had those thick kinda cheeks that were firm, not too soft but soft enough to "make it clap" if you know what I mean.

At this point I was so hard I thought my hed(the one on my shoulders) was gonna explode. Then the strangest but yet most welcome thing happened next and it just left me and my poor dick in shock. Honey girl started twerkin' it... more like clenching and releasing her cheeks rhythmically as if to get some pleasure herself or just leave me in a state of desire, I'm not sure but I kinda involuntarily let out a sigh of pleasure and it caught nosy girl's attention. At this point the bus was too packed for her or anyone else to notice as almost every standing passenger was plastered onto the next person so it was just there for the taking.

The thick booty milf continued "twerkin' it" and out of the blue... it just happened... my dick went limp! But how, why? This was what dreams are made of and has just become a reality that materialized right in front of me(like literally). I'm not sure if it was the disbelief, the excitement or worry of bustin' the nut of all nuts in public but for some reason or the other, little man was lettin' me down(pun intended).

I tried goin' with the hip motions, smelling her hair(as her head was at the right level in line with my face). Nothing was working and yet and still "limp biscuit" remained stuck between her cheeks till she got off by her stop. It was only when I got off the bus and started thinkin' about the whole rdeal that I got a rock hard boner and even till today when I think about it, I get like "viagra hard" and which pisses me off cause I needed to stay hard when all of it was happening. Like wrestler Ron Simmons would say... Damn!!!

I hope it doesn't happen again to me or any of y'all!

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