The strangest encounters I have ever participated

The strangest encounters I have participated in was with my moms aunt daughter who are a few years older than me. It was at a family Indian special event. I remember I was lined up behind her for some help yourself indian food. She has a nice booty in a fake leather skirt. I remember eyeing it up when she was swaying and dancing to some music. So back to the story, her booth and my dick lined up perfectly. AHHH felt so good. Lasted for a few moments. Than, I lightly palmed the booty when I was leaving the common area. She turned around but never said a word.

Than when meeting with my cousin and his daughter at a mall. She’s 19 and was wearing jeans. Pretty but has some slight weight and a good booty. She was wearing jeans. We were taking photos and the magic happened where her booty came in align with my dick.

I know some of y’all would call me weird but I would never do this to my immediate family. Very distant family, i care less about.

Question : What’s the strangest encounters you have ever experienced? Did you enjoy it or not?

Let’s see where this goes !

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