Public Transportation Canada Chikan Question

Oh someone/guest asked me how’s the scene in Canada and how’s the public transportation and if it’s chikan friendly?

Well, pre pandemic it’s was easy to grope. I remember just walking down the street and I saw this white girl with her white friend walking. The one I liked and wanted to grope is the one wearing those booty pants that make guys go crazy. She had a booty too!

So each time they and I reached a traffic stop. I palmed her butt lightly. Felt good. She as busy talking with her friend. I was slowly walking behind them as I wanted to see the booty jiggle while walking and it would be creepy if I was in front of them turning around repeatedly. This gropings happened for 2 stops before we went our separate ways. Damn, couldn’t believe I could have got away with it with no crowd.

Pre pandemic, public transportation, it was so easy to grope and find a booty to squeeze and brace yourself against. As before of this shit, Canadian buses were one of the most crowded ones. Shoulder to shoulder.

Now during this pandemic, majority of women wear face coverings and are social distancing. If you get too close, they say excuse me or be rude.

In busses, the crowd is dense so no covers to protect yourself. However, prepare yourself Canadian chikan brothers, come this fall I full heartedly expect the busses to be full again when students have to ride. So enjoy the groping!

One thing that’s good with Canada public transportation is there is no undercover cops on them. The only way police would hunt you down is if a women spoke up against it. Than, boom ! Your photo is in the news. I know this as I have acted freely and responsible, and never had anybody staring at me. I am an observant person. Always aware of my surroundings.

To end of my lecture, I wanted to talk about how I saw this hot light skin black women with her husband and stroller that had a toddler, they were preparing to ride the bus. The lady was wearing red booty clad pants. Her booty was nice and round and shapely legs. I was eye fucking the booty steadily.

There was a slight crowd so I was hoping to feel up the booty for a slight feel/ moments however the stupid black husband was in the way with his backpack and stroller preventing me from getting to her.

When we got on the bus, he quickly got her a seat to sit down or else she would have been sitting down on this dick ! LOL would have really enjoyed that big booty resting on my lap.

I also saw some more eye candy, these 2 Portuguese teen girls wearing denim shorts and pants. They were hot. One particular caught my eye as she was attractive! If there wasn’t as much people or if I saw her walking down the street, I would have shoot my shot for that number. I am telling you guys that’s how pretty she was.

She and her friend was on the bus for 2 stops before exiting.

I am so excited for this fall. Public transportation about to be crowded!

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