From Arm Humper's Archive: This Week Five Years Ago

This week, five years ago, I climaxed on the shoulder of a 19 year old damsel on the bus. I started by moving my member from side to side on her shoulder. Later on, when I was masturbating against her in earnest, I was helped by the motions of the vehicle, which threw me against her as it went around a roundabout. I kept myself squashed against her, even after the bus became stuck in traffic, then I orgasmed on the stationary vehicle, which meant that she might have felt my pulsations.

Early last month, using my online resources, I was able to identify this young woman. I got pictures of her, and I learnt her birthdate, which she shares with another girl I did almost 15 years ago. There is a possibility that I have also done the aunt of the girl who told me yes five years back. I have identified about 50 of the women who willingly yielded to me, but it seems to be quite a rare thing for this board. It must be one of the advantages of living on a small but densely populated island. For me, the next best thing after humping women is finding out who they are.

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