Mom's friends when I was a kid

Looking back now, my Mom had some hot friends when I was a kid. Every time they would come over to our house, they would always ask where I am. My Mom didn't think much of it, but I felt they were perverts because everytime they'd touch me, I'd get an instant boner. They (not my Mom) would look at it and laugh. One of them would run her fingers through my hair and make comments about how she liked it for one thing or another. Another would always talk about my eyes and stare into my face, and once or twice she touched my ass for a second. I hated it. I only felt they were making fun of me. I complained to Mom, but she thought I was crazy. This went on for a few years. As I was tall for 12, they would make me lie on them like before when I was 6. But this time, I would get a hard on and I know they felt that, and I was embarrassed. Several times, they would stand right in front me, tits almost in my face, and just stare at my crocth and ask me how my school is going. I was annoyed. When I was taller, the same one stood in front me face to face as close as possible. But when I felt those nipples, it was instant dick growth and stiffness right into her crotch area. There is no was way she didn't feel it. At the time, her smile felt like she making fun of me, or trying to expose that I'm a pervert. I thought only perverts got hard ons. But the next few years, she kept pinching my cheeks like I was a kid, and kiss me on the cheek, telling my Mom how handsome I was. She once tried to kiss me on the cheeks, but "accidentally" planted one on my lips. When she did that, dick went up again, and I was embarrassed, but it felt good. Never got that again. There were so many other odd moments I'll share later.

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