Subways when I was a kid - story 2

Around age 14, i was on the school baseball team. I used to take the subway home late during rush hour. But one evening, I was sitting in an empty train in the window seat. In the seat in front of me was a hot college aged blonde girl facing perpendicular to me, but had her eyes closed. I was so horny I wanted to reach out and touch, but didn't. I traced her whole body with my eyes again and again. I eye fucked her again and again. I had a raging hard on even before I got on the train and when I sat near her, I could smell her perfume. I was imagining her pussy must smell like that too (I was only a kid). I saw cheeks flush red like a tomato. I imagined she felt my thoughts (good imagination). But someone else in the distance was watching me, and was feeling my thoughts. It was an older dark haired lady, and she was staring at my face, trying to make eye contact. I got nervous and looked away. Everytime I sneak a peek to see if she was still staring, there she was looking at me. At one point, she stood up against a pole closer to me, and kept staring with a strange sly smile. I began to panic. I was scared she wanted me, and at the same time I was happy i was going to lose my virginity. After another stop, she came closer and just sat next to me. My heart was pounding a million beats per second. I thought i was having a heart attack. She grabbed my wrist. As she did that, the next stop came, and just flew out of there with my bag in front me hiding huge hard on. I still regret not staying there and seeing what could have happened. But I was a kid, and I was confused, and panicked.

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