Opening Up To My Reality

I was thinking long and hard about my "career" at this pastime. I thought of all my triumphs (which are numerous, beyond counting), and my failures. I can count the true failures on my hands. But the ones that stand out are the one that child have been disastrous- the ones I could have gone to jail over.
I counted four instances where I dodged jail time. I'll share each. All were strangers. The first was a girl I would run across at a mall-type shopping center. She had legs that she always showed off. I couldn't help but to grope her. Over a few years period I'd touched her numerous times. But one time I pushed the limit. She was with a friend in a familiar drugstore I'd run into he at before. I did my usual stalking and groped her, as usual. This time she surprised me- she turned and hit me in my back! I was so shocked I had to protest, even though I was in the wrong. I was embarrassed, but it happened and then it was over.
The second time was by far the worst for me. I had been groping this girl that came thru the business regularly, and because she never reacted I just ASSumed she was a player. WRONG! She screamed on me, calling the manager to come quick. That cost me my job. I was lucky because after she issued the complaint and I was pointed out and dismissed, she didn't leave the premises. She talked to people she knew in the business and it became suspect. I got a job almost immediately following that fiasco, and became more cautious in my hobby. It's safe to say that's when I started discovering festivals and Venice Beach.
There have been two incidences since then. One was at a festival when the target actually felt and saw my exposed tool, and one that was recently posted here on the board, where I repeatedly groped her beautiful ass and she finally told me to stop.
Now the common threads in all these events? One, I repeated the offenses until they finally noticed, and two: African American females in ALL the situations! Never had any other ethnic groups call me out in over 4 decades! That's why I concentrate on whites girls (and other groups) at festivals and concerts. I love Black ass, but I have to eliminate those problem

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