I don’t get why sharing some random girls photos on this board sometimes gets a negative reaction. It’s still an contribution and gives some savoring moments. Like wow this girl is mouth drooling. I bet some of y’all would go crazy and hump her if y’all saw her at a concert barricade.

No stories going to come from me as here in Canada, the coronavirus regulations are strict. People are keen on their face coverings and social distancing. I expect to get some action on the buses come this fall when school students have to ride the public transportation and some more people have to return to work due to CERB ending ( Canada COVID assistance funds). However there’s some Karens who want to make the public transportation more social distancing friendly for their kids and were highlighted in the news. Fuck them ! I’m trying to ride your daughter on the bus. LOL
If you don’t want to ride the public transportation, don’t make no scenes or arguments, get a car or ride a bike. I see some people do this or why can’t they? But the more the crowded, the more the merrier. I’m so excited for crowded buses again this fall ! :) A chikan dream come true.

Anyways enjoy these pictures !

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