Tight Squeeze Add On Contribution Post

I remember a post by one of you guys showing a tight squeeze video of men pushing in wards when a women walked by.

The only time that happened to me without me pushing in was at a concert. It was me and my sister visiting a Taylor Swift concert. Of course I was down low still looking for opportunities to grope as I got a few swipes here and there with random girls but with my sister there I couldn’t press myself up against some random girl booty.

Anyways on to the point, we were standing watching the show. A blond white girl sitting in our row moves towards the end where we are standing, and she didn’t say excuse me or anything. Instead she brushed her white petite denim short booty against my thin jean shorts and immediately my dick started to throb. I wished I pushed inwards.

The funny part was she turned her face while walking from my sister. So ass to groin for me but face to face with my sister.

She walked away quietly with a slight grin on her face.

I also noticed how my shoe was wet. Me nor my sister had a drink on us. It wasn’t rainy outside either. LOL

Damn, got to enjoy chikaning when it comes back before China starts another virus. Every 10 years !

Real One !
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