Surviving in Chikan world

The greatest enemy of the chikan are undercover police. Keep the following in mind

They operate in pairs so if you see two guys who appear to be together or communicating together they are likely to be under cover cops.

They are trained to look for specific patterns when it comes to chikan behavior for example is he walking up and down the platform looking for booty. Is he standing very close behind a young woman if so is he staring at her booty and got his hands in his pockets playing with his penis.

Some chikans begin shaking, sweating or trembling prior to attacking booty.

Some chikans take a back seat and lie back against the wall of the platform so they have a panoramic of all female passengers before they pounce.

They may even wait for a few trains to pass before boarding this is a dead give away that he is a chikan. Waiting for the busiest carriages.

Also becareful with femininist bitches they are the arch enemy of the chikan they will even go so far as to accuse a innocent man of being a chikan.

Keep safe

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