Guest: Was I caught?

In "Re: was I caught?" a welcome guest wrote: "its unfortunate because a lot of guys violate female lawyers on trains not realizing who they are being aggressive with." Well, to my knowledge, I have never humped a female lawyer, but I have climaxed against the shoulders of two schoolgirls, one of whom became a lawyer and the other one is now a policewoman. It is not the same thing (and I am not aggressive) but it is similar. After our encounter, I met the future lawyer one day when she was coming out of the library, and we had a polite chat. I never met the future policewoman after cumming against her, but I did write her a letter when she was leaving school thanking her for the orgasm and explaining the rationale of my pastime. As far as I know, doing these damsels has not harmed my chances.

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