not safe on trains

@Booty Bandit

There is no white privilege in this anymore. There is no privilege for men. This thing is women privilege now. They make the moves and I have to wait for them to do something. And they do do it. When I first started writing on this board i told about all the women acting on me on the trains, including my first time. But everyone thought I was being a creative writer. Fast forward a decade or so, now everyone can see women are big players as long as they can get away with it discreetly. So its really a woman's world all over, not just in frotting on trains. Everywhere you go, you see more and more women in power and control, and of course abuse. Us men are becoming relegated to kept boys, something they can pick up when they want and play with, and discard when we get old. If we don't play, they report us for attempted rape. Will write about these things some other time.

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