Re: Preferences

From the strict context of what we "do", and what this board is about, my preferences are actually split two ways.

In my experience (both from observation & partaking opportunity), white girls/women are the easiest. They are/have been most likely to initiate things to where they can progress to grinding/chikan. Ohhhh the number of times I've been asked to get in front of, groped, leaned on, slid into from the side...definitely the white girls show a willingness that is rarely mistaken for what it is.

One of the most memorable rides I ever had began when this white girl came up behind me and practically laid into my back....with nipples hard up. Felt that ish, turned around to look....she smiled and said!

Another time, young white chick came, tapped me on the shoulder, said, "you NEED a girl in front of you....sheesh....who was I to refuse.

I've overheard white girls complain when they felt they were being overlooked with regard to having someone ride on them during a concert. Most instances, the girls were, at least, decent looking.

The second perspective is what I call the "freaky quotient" perspective. Gotta give it to my latinas there. To note - not all latinas are into non-latinos. Mexicans can be somewhat cold and insular toward non-latinos. At the other end of the spectrum - Salvadorans or Colombianas - OMG!!! The amount of seed spilt from their booty action.

It's those elements in tandem that drive me to focus on raves & reggaeton shows.

I'll do the others (blacks, asians) if the opportunity presents itself. Chances are, though, I'm doing them at either a rave or a reggaeton rap or rock concerts anymore for this rider.

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