new years eve corrrrr London

New years eve is the highlight of a chikans professional career LOL. After 8pm loads of hot white booty go into the city. They drink at home and arrive in central london wearing short skirts, make up lots of nice perfume smelling so good corrrr.

Around 8pm my strategy is to wait outside the busiest stations and bump the party girls in the arse as they come out of the station. As they are drunk they ignore you or just giggle. I would follow the bitches right behind them then just move forward and bump my hard on into their booty juicy bums which showed their curves in the tight skirts corrrrrr.

Sometimes you can bear hug girls from behind and arse shag them. Just walk up behind and shout happy new year then bear hug them grinding yourself into their juicy booty cracks corrrrrrr. They either giggle, ignore you or say fuck off lol.

One girl a sexy young blonde who was wearing short skirts and nice curved arse she was in high heels. As she stood waiting to cross the road. I charged in grabbed her from behind and said happy new year. She began to giggle she smelled good so I started licking her neck leaving dribbles of saliva all over her neck i was a fucking animal. She kept on giggling and eventually pulled away.

After that encounter i began growling like a wolf and wanted to beat my fists on my chest as the warrior chikan began to emerge from my soul.

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