HS days (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

I appreciate that Eric. Yea I don’t understand why people come here to argue. We’re all fucking pervs lol. This site should just strictly be about our frotting adventures. I don’t have many stories about frotting in HS because I wasn’t a full time chikan yet. Since I was a little kid I knew that I loved fat asses, but I never groped strangers. I had girls that I went out with in hs and obviously with them I would always grab their asses and hump them. But it was consensual. Consensual humping feels good but non consensual humping is what turns me on to the point where it makes me cum. I still get hard either way but I just can’t cum when it’s consensual.

So I do have a good story when I was 15 about this one really hot girl . It’s kinda disappointing at the same time . You’ll see why lol. Before I start the story I do have to preface it with this. So back in my hs days (2006-2010) there used to be a lot of teen bashes (clubs for teenagers) . My friends and I would go to these once in a while. I’ve probably been there a total of 20x. EVERY SINGLE TIME I WENT I was too fucking pussy to ask a girl to dance. Man I really do regret those times man. My boys would always get these sluts to grind on them and I would just be there standing like a fucking idiot.

Literally every girl that were in these teen bashes were such sluts. They used to have girls come in for just $5 if they wore skirts, booty shorts, skimpy dresses. Some sluts would come in just booty shorts and a fucking bra! Kinda funny now that I think about it lmao. The people (adults) in charge were definitely huge perverts for doing that but shit they were smart. That made more dudes wanna come to these bashes lol. It was $20 for dudes. Probably made $30,000-$40,000 per night. It was always crowded!! Damn I wish I was a full time chikan. I’m getting hard thinking about what I would do if I was.. The 2000’s style here in NY was baggy pants, xxl shirts. I would have legit wore sweats every time and cut a fucking hole around my crotch and cover it with a xxl shirt lmao.

Wow! I just remembered they used to upload videos on YouTube! They’re still up!


If you skip to 5:10 you can see on the flier where it says $5 for girls if they wear a mini skirt lol

Soo now back to this really hot girl. I met this girl thru an old friend of mine. He went out with her for maybe a month. This girl was way out of his league. 14 year old Colombian slim girl with a body of a 18/19 year old, gorgeous face, dressed slutty. She’s still hot to this day. Anyway, in that month they were together, me and her became close friends. My boy didn’t care because he was fucking around with other girls all the time. this girl lived like 2 blocks away from me so we saw each other often. Maybe 3x a week. Every time we would hang out she would tell me about all the guys she used to hook up with (like I give a fuck lol) but she would always mention how she was scared to have sex but would always dry hump with these guys in bed. She said she used to love the feeling of dry humping. I would always get a hard on when she would tell me these stories lol

So one day, she came over my house when I had the house to myself. She looked so hot man. I remember she wore black tight shorts. Her legs and ass looked so fucking good. So we’re in my house on my computer browsing MySpace or Facebook probably. And out of nowhere she says ..play some reggaeton.. I play some songs and she’s sitting next to me, dancing to herself, singing the lyrics. I got horny pretty fast just looking at her moving her body/ass. Now this is the part where I wanna fucking punch myself in the face looking back because of how stupid I was. She grabs my hand and says let’s dance :))))

Like I said before, I used to be a huge pussy when it came to grinding because I used to be insecure about how I would look grinding. I’m a pretty stiff dude. So when she grabbed my hand and said let’s dance, I said ..no sorry.. SMH! but this girl really wanted to feel up on my dick . She was pretty much begging me to dance with her and I like a fucking idiot kept saying ..nooo I don’t know how to dance.. she said ..don’t worry I’ll teach you.. fellas idk wtf was wrong with me, I continued on saying ..no I’m too shy I’m gonna look stupid...she said ..who cares there’s no one here it’s just us...Literally for a full 30 minutes this hot broad begged for me to grind with her

Then she said something that every chikan would absolutely get a huge boner after hearing this. So after saying no so many times , I said the most gayest shit ever man. I said ..you’re gonna have to convince me to dance with you. She said ..I KNOW HOW TO MOVE MY ASS, YOUR DICK IS GONNA GET HARD TRUST ME... verbatim fellas. Soo finally! I decide to stop being a pussy and I said okay. So she grabs my hand and pushes me against the wall and absolutely goes to town on my dick. She grinds on me for maybe 10 minutes. my brain couldn’t process what was happening lol i had this horny 10/10 broad with a fat ass going as hard as she can grinding on my dick against the wall. I was so damn horny. It wasn’t even a lesson she was trying to teach me , she just straight up chikan’d me lmaoo.

The reason why it was only 10 minutes is because my damn parents got back home and fucked it all up. Man I was so mad. She could have been grinding on me that whole time (30 min) I kept saying no like a damn idiot.

But yea man that’s the story. Not a great one tbh but I will never forget how hard this broad was grinding on my dick.

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