Masks May Be Useful for More than Stopping the Spread of the Virus

This afternoon on the bus, I climaxed as a result of masturbating on the shoulder of a milf who was traveling with her teenaged daughter. She was dressed in a way that let me see her legs and some of her breasts, but she was wearing one of the masks that we all have to wear on public transport, and she also had on shades, so I cannot say anything about her face. This brings me to my point. Today I extended my lucky streak to 11 willing women out of a total of 22. Why is it that I have been so lucky after the lifting of the covid-19 restrictions? Could it be that women feel emboldened when they are wearing masks and their identities are concealed? I am inclined to think that this is the reason for my unusual success, especially when I recall that, at many naughty carnival celebrations in different parts of the world, some sort of mask or disguise is worn while the revelers take part in their outrageous activities.

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