london chikan heaven

I talk about london being the chikan paradise we have hot spots in london where any chikan can have a kings feast of white juicy booty.If you like black or chinese booty we also cater for this.

On Friday evenings you can experience chikan booty delight in the lifts in Covent Gardens every friday, i would head to Covent Gardens and watch as the crowds built up as people queued for the lifts.

I like to walk slowly and observe the crowd watchout for hot white booty girls. Get behind them when they squeeze into the lift I squeeze in with them. Its very easy to bum these booty girls. You just squeeeze into the fucking lift as the doors close noone complains corrrrr.

I have arse shagged so many white booty in these lifts. Cannot wait till this fucking virus pandemic is over and we can finally live !!!.

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