oxford street chikan heaven

Hey brothers being from London means I have or use to have alot of choice when it came to chikan.

Oxford Circus is chikan heaven during the rush hour. Stations sometimes close due to over crowding. Which means you end up getting a build up of crowds outside the station. Loads of gorgeous women stand outside frustrated staring aimlessly at the station entrance waiting for it to re-open. When oxford circus station closes it becomes absolute mayhem.

You can wrestle yourself through the crowds grinding on womens booty coorrrr. Sniffing womens hair corrrrr.

You can easily bump women from behind and they do not care as they assume its the crowd causing people to get so close. In england we call it bumming where you run up from behind and bump a girls arse corrrrr.

I use to love London up until January 2020 now i am stuck at home in the bloody east end of london doing fuck all.

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