I love Dominican girls (WARNING: she may be 20 years old)

Good luck to you Booty Bandit. If you live in NYC I recommend you try buses man. Trains are usually better but since the pandemic started its never crowded. At least from the trains I’ve taken. But man buses have been pretty good. I’ve busted at least 8 nuts in the past 5 weeks. I work about 60 hours a week so 8 Nuts in 5 weeks might not sound like a lot for you but it’s definitely more than enough for me. And to the guest below that had that Dominican girl grind on you. It’s funny man because I’ve stated before that out of all the females Ive humped, only 8 or 9 REALLY liked it. I will never forgot one that even bit her lip while I was humping her.

Anyway, one of the 8 or 9 happens to be a Dominican girl. I fucking love Dominican girls man. There was a street show going on in Times Square . A very big crowd formed. I saw these 2 Dominican girls with nice fat asses. Both leaning over a barrier. I got behind one of them and she played with me for a little . But I really wanted to test out her friend (or sister) because she had on jean shorts ;)

I eventually made my way over to her sister (or friend lol) and she was also a player!! There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that she didn’t like it. I wasted no time. I planted my dick so deep inside her ass, I don’t know how my dick didn’t break in half lmao. At one point in the show, one of the performers stepped out of the crowd , making his way towards our direction (it was part of the act) which kinda shook me up because I didn’t want everyone to notice me lol. I backed off for about 10 seconds, waiting for this dickhead to go back to the center of the crowd. In those 10 seconds, she stood up and looked back at me. She didn’t make any facial expressions or anything but her actions said everything!! She leaned back over the barrier once the performer went back to the center and she arched her back even more!! Not only that, she moved her ass back looking for my dick. Once I noticed that I immediately plant my dick between her ass cheeks again. I humped her Soo daamn HARD I pushed her and the barrier a bit forward lmao! After about 10 seconds I couldn’t hold in my cum any longer. I immediately blasted all over my basketball shorts.

Ahh man good times. I don’t know if you guys appreciate my stories because of the way I form my sentences. I know they’re not great lol. Like I said I never payed attention in class (due to always being a pervert) so I never cared about any of my classes. If anyone would like to hear the other stories of the girls I’ve humped that genuinely liked it, let me know.

Can anyone show me the steps to upload a pic on here? I have pics I’d love to share but I’m like an old man ( lol Imm in my 20’s) I can’t seem to figure it out.

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