Is this the beginning of the end?

I have been looking on social media and women have been reacting to the new social distancing at upcoming festivals and it isn't looking good for chikans. Many women say they don't mind the new social distanced concerts because now they do not need to worry about men groping them. Just look on twitter and you'll see tons of girls mentioning about being groped and harassed by men at concerts and festivals and how they're happy this might be the new norm.

Now, most of these girls are from America/UK so maybe it's different in other countries, but it looks like they are all now becoming self aware of this practise and are more vocal about these issues now thanks to metoo, femnism, and cancel culture.

How are you guys going to react to this? I think it's best not to get aggressive if things ever do go back to normal. This is literally a new era now for our activities...

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