You need to back up your claims before you steal my username.

I am the only Eric on this board. I started posting here since I was in high school. The board knows who I am by now.

if you are up to it and have the balls like a man, why don’t the board members have a vote on who gets to keep the Eric name?

Vote 1 : Eric from High School.

Vote 2: This mysterious “Eric” who showed up out of nowhere, the same time Shogun supposedly ‘left’ this board.

The ball is in your court. If someone gets outvoted, they have to give up the Eric username.

I am sorry Max Mond if I hurt your feelings man but no need to steal my username.

Whoever is using my username, use a different one. Why use the same one like someone else ?

Use a hall of famer name on this board or something. I don’t care.

You think others on this board would easily want to change their names like Red Dragon, Guestz, All rounder. No! Because they are used to posting under 1 handle.

Thanks guys!

This is “Eric From High School”.

Real one

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