Re: Eric/caught in act question.

I wasn't ever "caught in The act by an acquaintance", but a long-time "consenting partner" put me on the spot once, when she strongly hinted at exposing my practice. It went like this: I was considered to be extremely shy in junior high/high school. This girl wanted me something fierce. She "feel in love" with me in the 7th grade. When I tell you she really loved me, it's an understatement. I didn't realize how much until it was too late, which is another story. But I guess subconsciously I started taking advantage of her feelings. At that time the guys would openly run up against all the girls in our small class. I wouldn't "openly" do it, but when I could sneak a rub in I would. One day I took it to the extreme.
We were on a field trip, and we would gather around different exhibits. We were all young and horny, so when this girl was bent over in front of me I seized the moment. OMG! It was one of the best moments in my life up to that point. It went on for close to 30 minutes, with her pretending to be really interested in whatever it was, just as I! I didn't come, but I know she must have felt as if I left a bone in her backside! I tore that ass up! It was almost 50 years ago when I think of it, but it still gives me a hardon! Anyways, I began to get her every chance I had-there werent nearly as many chances as I would have liked, but I would get her.
Now fast forward to 10th grade. We're now in high school, which is a different campus altogether. I'd not had her for a while (by now I was more into groping than humping) so when we ended up in the same classes I started exploring her again. She still liked me, but I was still shy about dating. But when I could I would grind on her. There were times when she could clearly see my outrageous boner, but would "pretend" not to. This went on for I don't know how long. But one day a close friend of ours got on the subject of my being "shy", and my target lit up and said "OH HELL NO HE'S NOT"! She said it with such indignation that I thought she was getting ready to let it out! I was mortified! It had been such an ongoing secret that I couldn't believe she would do this to me. I think the look on my face told her "please don't". So it ended right there. The next year (by next I mean senior) she ended up getting pregnant by a guy she did not intend on even screwing, but she actually told me he damn-near raped her. She was out of school and had the baby, but made it back for graduation. We actually had more hot, steamy encounters after high school, but I didn't want to raise another guys kid, so I dodged her advances. I wish I hadn't treated her like that in hindsight. She was really a good girl despite how it may sound.

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