Re: Preferences...

I got preferences when it comes to chikan and groping (there is a difference, btw). In this order, and for these reasons...
1: African, which includes African Americans, because of the shape alone! I know some don't like them, but the absolute bottom-line is this: which type of behind is always being reproduced either by implants, fake pants, or any other means to resemble? White girls want butts to look juicier, because they know what gets attention. They also pay to have bigger lips, something that racists in the past made comedy of (watch cartoons from the 40'and 50's and just wait until a black character comes on)
2: White, because when it comes to exposure to their bodies in tv and ads growing up, it was all I ever saw until I got into my teens. This is something the younger generations won't understand, but I lived when Blacks in advertising and on television were a rarity. So coming up I focused on what I was exposed to, which was white girls in bikinis and mini dresses. Plus they are the easiest to chikan and grope!
3: Hispanics, because of the ass size and skin color! Plus they are relatively easy to grope and hump.
4: Asian, this would include all types of Asians: Chinese, Japanese, Indian, etc.... It's really more because of skin texture than ass size, although I know there are some with nice asses! These are my picks, my opinions.

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