Embarrassing/Caught on the Moment

Tired talking about Shogun ! Leaving him in the past. He just seeks attention and validation on this board for his “longevity”.

Anyways did any of y’all ever get caught in the moment especially by an acquaintance?

I remember there was this Asian girl in my math class. We have different social circles, I clicked with everyone but mostly the cool people, she clicked with the quiet and loners and the geeks.

Two different social groups so she hardly knew me .

I remember it’s the end of the period so the class is packing up to leave to the next class or get ready for home, kind of forgot about the small details. The Asian girl was leaning over the Math Teacher Desk. She like any other high school girl was wearing the black yoga pants/spandex tights. I thought everyone was busy about their own personal business and everyone seemed so talkative today. So I acted in the moment, pulled my dick out and rested my bare tool against her butt for like 10 seconds before I see a black guy (that I know) staring at me. Man, it feel good doing this against her buttocks(contact was unbelievable with those thin pants and my bareness) while she’s asking a question of something about a past quiz or homework. The thrill of the moment was doing all this in front of the male math teacher. I don’t know if it turned him on too !

Anyways back to the moment, when I arrived home, I check my socials and saw he unfriended me on social media so I did the same.

Never heard anything about this from him or others.

People knew I was horny after I made a beginner mistake against a Nepalian Women. The Nepalian girl made a fit, however she’s such a bitch as when we were juniors, she had a crush on me. She told a friend and one time she smiled and offered me some of her food.

I was very popular at school for having nice eyes, charisma and being one of the hottest guys.

Unfortunately, my name was always engulfed in drama (I know it’s high school). Violence occurred where I was on the receiving end, some girls took the side of the disabled boy who attacked me. So a lot of females from high school unfollowed me and most of my friends on social media are males.

Was hoping to meet university girls at bars and at school but everything shut down and social distancing.

Hope 2021 good things happens to me and everyone else!

Question for the board : Have an acquaintance or friend or family member ever caught you in the act ?

I know some may attack me and say oh you ranted against Asians and you did the act to them? Well, I would hump anyone who I think is beautiful or my type. My dick don’t discriminate. But, Asian girls have some attitude and turns me off.

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