Guide: How To Spot a Wild Shogun

Shogun is a very sneaky and devious individual. He will never leave this board.. but from my 5 min worth of research, I will teach you how to spot him every single time!!

First: Shogun will always be the one who uses a ton of exclamation marks. He easily stands out from everyone else the way he puts so much "personality" into his words.

Second: Shogun will always be the "Guest" or a new user who has a very strong opinion on something. Particularly if his opinion backs up one of his other fake aliases. These new accounts will sometimes also reply to his other aliases to support his opinion even more.

Third: He will most of the time be the one posting a picture of a white woman. Or post his unusual disregard towards black women.

Lastly: Also very obviously Shogun is also the "new guest" that berates Shogun for seemingly no reason.

Good luck guys, and stay on the Shogun lookout!

(Here's a freebie: He'll be the "new guest" replying negatively to this post.)

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