Abuse And This Board

When I first started reading the post on this board, I couldn't believe my eyes. I'd found plenty of people that did what I'd been doing (In secret) for years, and now I was finally able to at least say it on a (kind of) public forum. The stories were incredible- not only did some closely resemble the things I'd experienced up to that point, but a lot of them schooled me on how much further I could take it. I couldn't wait to get in seclusion and read through all of it.
But now, like life in general, it's twisted and difficult. So much bickering (I'm not saying I'm not guilty of it too). But I've watched guys that I knew were seasoned as myself or beyond Get run off the board. I know some may have brought on their own demise (I won't name them). But some of them also brought some great knowledge of this game and stories to this board. I'm one of those that wish it hadn't gotten so ugly, but that's life. Anyone can make bad judgment, as I did a while back. But I'm gonna continue to try to do my thing when the times present themselves, and I hope I don't catch flack for trying to share those stories.

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