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That’s an interesting conversation about ratings. I got to agree with the majority of you guys but I know it’s his preference on chikaning but are you for real Max Mond, you placed Indians last? Especially after Asians? HAHAHA HAHAHA.

Indian girls deserve some praise.

Asians girls, yes they are submissive but they are all flat with boobs and booty ! There’s a few who are thick though but it’s hard to find. Muslim and Hindu girls are always having a set of boobs and booty. When pressing up against an Asian girl, all I feel is bones. No thank you! Asian girls are nasty with their viruses while eating bats, dogs, squids, rats and cats. They are monster people as a fork tale is that they originated from ogres. The reason we can’t do our chikaning is because of the Chinese and their nasty behaviours. SARS, MERS and now COVID. Trump is right to call it the Chinese virus and the Kung flu. Nastiness. I understand the Africans eating that due to poverty but China is the richest country in the world. There was a conspiracy theory that China made up Coronavirus so China can sell all these masks and kits and be more rich.

Plus, all Asian girls usually look the same.

Before y’all correct me, yes I know India is referred to as Asians.

Lastly some of you guys are listing European girls from “South” and “East”, boy they are still European.

Boy I wasn’t the best in school but some of y’all don’t realize South Americans are mixed with Hispanics, Dutch, Afro, Indo, Chinese and Indigenous. The list doesn’t make sense to include South America! LOL

I know I helped initiate this ratings thing to the board but damn I had to.

My apologies for offending people as I couldn’t tell if he was joking around or not.

Thanks for sharing everyone! Attack me if you want, Max Mond. I don’t care. I welcome opinions and freedom of speech to this board. Just end off with a positive note.

Thank you Max Mond for contributing too !

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