Doing an Acquaintance, My Latest Success

Yesterday afternoon on the bus, I rubbed myself to orgasm against the shoulder of an acquaintance. Masturbating on women whom I do not know is good, but doing it to women that I know is better. My willing partner was a nurse whom I met about 10 years ago. She is about 30 years old; well-built, neither thin nor fat and long-limbed; and she has a lovely chocolate complexion.

My post-lockdown success rate now stands at 50%; 10 women have told me yes, and 10 have said no. That lucky streak is almost unprecedented. The only time I can remember bettering it was in August 1999 when I scored 11 0ut of 22.

These days, I limit myself to one outing a week, because I have to use the same route at about the same time for each adventure, so I do not want to over-exploit that resource and end up killing the golden-egg-laying goose. I have already come across a woman who knows what I like to do and is willing to talk about it openly. I was afraid that I would encounter her again, but fortunately I have not seen her so far. When the schools re-open in September, the buses will be fuller, and I will have different routes to choose from, but, at the moment, because of the effects of covid-19, there is only one buss route that gets full at peak times.

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