RE: One Thing I Truly Do Miss....

Man, that is HOT AF. I hope you cummed on that stupid slut. I can't wait to do the same shit to a slut caught off guard.

I saw a post on here about a guy that took this bus pretty often with the same chick. Each time he would get behind her and Chikan the hell outta here. One time he was able to get her shoved in a corner and unable to move. The bitch was trying to wiggle her ass away, but the Chikan kept her in place and continued to have fun with her until he cummed.

Then when she was walking away from the bus at her stop, he took a pic and uploaded it here and said he can't wait to do more of that shit with that slut..

I'm going to this new club Friday it's pretty popular. I'm 100% gonna get some Chikan action going (hopefully be able to pin down a slut like one of you legends). I'll post my adventure here though of course.

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