Swiped my finger against her ass (WARNING: she may be 40 years old)

I gotta relax. I was on my lunch break (in uniform) and I go to this grocery store near my job to order a sandwich. Out of nowhere this dime piece came in. I haven’t been able to grope for the past week because of work , also haven’t fapped in a week. So when this broad came in I immediately got horny. She leaned over the counter to ask the clerk something . When she poked her ass out like that, I pass by her and I swiped my finger against her ass. She didn’t look back so I did it again. Nothing. So i stood next to her with a Gatorade in my hand that I’m using to swipe my finger. I then rub my finger across her left cheek for a good 5 secs. After 5 secs she All of a sudden looks back at me all stunned. But I play it off like it was the Gatorade in my hand. I also talked to the clerk too to play it off even more but I’m sure she knew what was up. She grilled me for the rest of the time I was in the store which was only 30 more secs after she initially caught me. Mann I need to bust a nut soon.

Like I said I haven’t fapped a nut in a week now. Don’t plan to fap . I made the decision in my head that the next time I cum, it has to be while groping a girl. Can’t wait

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