Sky (WARNING: she may be 11 years old)

@Sky well i said before already that I discovered this fetish at 8 years old
Because I used to see my older brother who is 5 years older, grope our cousin. He would do wrestling moves with her . Ones that always involved him digging his dick up her ass. Watching him do that used to make me curious. So I tried it in school with one of my female classmates. From there I know I liked the feeling.

I was never a habitual groper. I dabbled in it from 10-16. 16 was the first time I came in my pants. I told the story already last week . But to sum it up. This girl from my hometown who was 11 at the time, used to have a huge crush on me. She had an ass of a thick 15/16 year old :). We would play hide n seek with her and her friends. I used to always hide with her and grope her with my hands/dick. Never came however. Until one day I was alone in my gmas house. The girl came in my room out of nowhere and asked what I was doing.

I tricked her into sitting on my lap (dick) to take some pics for MySpace lol (this was 2009) (MySpace was slowly dying around this time). We took like 50 pictures lmao. I had a huge hard on the whole time . I was so close to cumming but I had to figure out a way to hump her. So she stood up after we took 50 pics and as she was standing , I forced her to sit back in my dick. And I said “where do you think you’re going” . She said “but we took like 50 pics already” lmao. So I poked her in the rib and I playfully said “why are you yelling at me” . When I poked her, it made her jump on my dick :). So I said “FUCK IT” and I kept poking her in the ribs (tickling her) for about 30 seconds. She was bouncing on my dick for 30 straight secs. I busted the longest, best nut ever. I’m surprised I didn’t moan but I do remember my facial expressions were crazy lol. I still fap to the memory till this day.

From that day on, I became a full time chikan.

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