RE: Dick sizes - be honest

I may be in the vast minority here with my opinion, but most of those frotter videos online are terrible. Watching the video is NOTHING like the real deal. And most of the time it's always a bad-average camera used. Heck, reading the stories here and imagining yourself in that situation is usually better than watching frotter videos. Of course, there are a few exceptions with people who know how to record an experience to make you feel like you're there. I cummed to many times. Good quality, and I feel like I'm in the ish.


As for dick size though, I never measured mine, but it is absolutely humongous. I feel that makes for an even better frotter experience as you have more dick to Chikan her and feel more pleasure.

I'm also a grower though so that makes me perfect for testing a girl first. When my dick's flaccid it's comparably small to when it gets rock hard. I can rub on a girl to see if she reacts too negatively, then go in again with a gigantic dick and have my fun with her.

The downside is when I'm wearing sweatpants or such I'm a little self-conscious if I'm out in an open public setting. It can be extremely obvious that I have a rager. That's why my best bet is to only frotter in super crowded places and not really open public places like I've seen some of you guys do.

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