Re: Sky

I realized I had a "thing" going back when I was 9-10 years old! But I figured it out because I saw guys my age pinning girls against the desk in forth grade. They would wait until the teacher left the room, and the girls would make it easy for them by bending over the desk and pretending they didn't like it! I had no idea they planned it, but my johnson got hard watching! That happened for 2 years before I figured out a way to "get mines". This chikan-thing was an evolution- it developed over several years. But once it took hold I was sprung like a crackhead! I'm 60+, but I swear I will never stop. It's a way of life outside of regular sex. I'm just destined to do what I do until I die or can't get it up. My problem is a wife that doesn't mind going for long periods of time without dick because of health issues, which leaves me to be creative finding other outlets besides screwing around.

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