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That's great that we both found our community!

how did you discover your fetish?

I first discovered it when I was a senior in highschool. I never went to any parties ever and this was my first house party. The dancefloor was in the basement with a TON of people there. A lot of good looking women. I use to be super shy with dancing with anyone. I ended up just biting the bullet and got to one chick and asked her to dance. She said no and giggled a little.

I was super discouraged. After some time that night, I noticed a lot of guys wouldn't even talk to the girls. They would just go up to them and start dancing on them, and the girls would almost always dance back. So that's what I did. I started to just go up on girls to dance with, and that was the first time I got grinded on. It felt like heaven.

It was so easy too. I grinded on so many girls that night. At the end of the night when everyone was leaving, I wanted one more. There was a girl there with her girlfriend. The girl had on this sexy silky ass dress, and she was dancing drunk-like, while her girlfriend was standing nearby. I went up to the girl and started grinding on her, and she grinded on me back hard af!! After we were done her girlfriend gave me a smug look heh.


Was that time at the young dolph concert your first frot experience? If so, did you go to that concert with the intention to go frotting or did it just pop up in your mind when you got there?

After that night with the house party I came to a realization that this is my ish. Since then I always planned ways to where I can be in such a situation again. Sadly my small town had no clubs, and parties were really exclusive to people "in the know". After about a year I moved to a different city (for work reasons). This city had clubs and such that I would go every week or so with sweatpants just grinding on girls. Eventually I saw that Young Dolph was coming to my city and I thought of all the possibilities of women being there.

It was my intention 100% from the start to go frotting. I had on my sweatpants already, and I was on the lookout. Lucky for me, I had the perfect opportunity arise (see first post).


Do you prefer cumming in your pants or cumming on the girl?

Definitely cumming in my pants. I already feel somewhat paranoid just frotting in general, but if I took my dick out then I would be way to self-conscious to actually enjoy it. Either way I believe wearing certain types of pants will make it feel the samme way anyways.


Have you ever had a girl that made it obvious that she knew what you were doing and liked it? (I’ve had maybe 7 or 8 that I was 100% sure they liked it, one even bit her lip :) )

Yes!!! It actually blew my mind. I believed I ruined it though. I was at another concert (the second and last I went to), where I was behind this chick. I was slowly rubbing on her from behind, and she seemed to actually back into me. At the time I had the belief that all girls weren't into this, so I thought that what she did was unintentional. We started rubbing a lot more, and I saw she was talking to her friend a lot more (I assumed it was about her getting dicked down).

She ended up literally twerking in front of me on my dick. I thought this was a clear sign for me to go ham so I grabbed her waist and started rubbing. That's when she got up and giggled and said she didn't to bump into me. Then her and her friend went somewhere else. Didn't have ass like that for the rest of the night sadly. Next time I see a girl giving it to me like that, I will 100% keep grinding on her.


How do you react when your testing the waters with a girl you see and they look back in disgust? I think it’s a rule to never look at them in the eye and play it cool, but how do you react?

Aw man. During the early stages of me doing (It's still early for me, but the super early stages), I was in a club. There was a chick wearing black leggings and was dancing. I got behind her and started grinding on her. She slightly pushed me away and said, "Dude stop". I just smiled and played it cool, then walked away. I had something happen to me like that a few times (never to that degree), but it seems like pretty much every time the most they'll do is turn around and smile and show their disinterest. I always back away from a girl that does that, because it's some rare ish to see a girl stand up for herself. What else is she gonna do? Tell security? Haha.


Honestly bro, I'm on my own. I got out my job and can finance my self with I.T Freelancing online very easily. To have a partner to Chikan and plan to get girls with, would be insane. I've studied a lot from what you guys said already. Like that one huge concert that does countrywide tours that many chicks go to and such.

I got noone to worry about but myself, so I'm definitely gonna travel to where I believe has the most/best opportunity for Chikans. I'm so hyped! I felt kinda directionless in life, but now I feel extremely motivated to keep myself in check so I can do what I want, and chikan some more!!

I definitely plan on being on the forum for a very long time.

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