Call of Booty (WARNING: she may be 17 years old)

After finishing work today, now making my way home. I was waiting at the bus stop and i see this young very slim black girl about 5 foot 6 on the phone to someone who work at (JD Sports), I know this because she was still in uniform so I guess she must be going home from work too. She noticed me and gave a brief smile and continued conversation. She was sat down most of the time while waiting for her bus, at one time stood up and i managed to get a glimpse of her and man was I slowly getting hard. The way the black leggings stuck to her thighs and her semi bubble ass was super hot. I so wish me and her was at a concert or some other jam packed place I would have grind on that ass without hesitation. Has she sat back down again, I was hoping for another opportunity for her to stand up so I can get another glimpse. Her bus finally came as she stood again this time at an angle that prevented me from seeing that semi bubble ass. I managed get a photo before she got on the bus.

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