Can't believe I just found you guys

This is insane. I thought I was the only one with this fetish most of my life. I'm really happy I found this forum in my early 20s vs when I'm much older and have fewer opportunities.

I've been so hard just reading this forum for the last day. It's funny because I planned on doing these things, but I always thought I was alone in doing such. There's a lot of us!

I'm gonna share a story of the first time I "really" chikin. I was at a young Dolph concert a few years back, and from the start, I knew what my real target was. A girl wearing black leggings/yoga pants. Or pants along that sort. I remember standing near the entrance of the concert stage just waiting for my target to enter. Two very beautiful big ass'd girls started walking in front of me. She was wearing black leggings and I could literally see her thong. I had to get that.

I followed up behind her casually staying close, but not too far away to where someone else could steal my opportunity. During the concert, I slowly started to rub my dick on her. I was a little paranoid because she seemed to be talking to her friend a lot (which in hindsight I guess that's just anxiety getting the better of me). I was rubbing on her good for the majority of the concert, then something crazy happened.

The concert got really wild. The area in front of the stage was sort of closed off, and people started to hop the little fence thing to get closer to the stage. Everybody was pushing forward. I used this opportunity to grind and take her butt like never before. I was humping the heck outta her while she was forced to move forward. I made sure she didn't leave by continuing to stick to her like glue and fucking here.

It was almost pitch black and we're in the middle of the concert so there was no way she was gonna attempt to leave. I humped her so I ended up cumming in my sweatpants. Literally my greatest night ever.

I plan on going to a new music venue early next month. From the pictures, I have seen the place is always packed full of people. And they have multiple events all in September!! I'm definitely gonna start having a lot more fun and sharing it with you guys.

I also have this Hispanic chick who's super thick and down for whatever. I have her grind on my pretty much daily, and I'm teaching her how to lapdance properly so she can please me at any time. I'm buying her some silk lululemon leggings to make my experience even better.

One of my greatest kinks before covid use to be going to a certain nude strip club and getting a dance from a chick. The security didn't care that I had super silk sweatpants on with no underwear. I'd ask for a dance with a chick. Crazy thing is for some reason, they HAVE to say yes to your request. I've dicked down so many stripers it's crazy. Some would try to lie to you and say they want to meet up later in the night. That's just an excuse they used so you would stop dicking them down. I learned my lesson. I came back another time to find the same girl and dicked her down for what felt like an hour, and I didn't listen to her when she gave a BS excuse. But stuff ever.

Anyways, those are a few of my experiences. Glad to be a new member on the team!

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