1. Do you prefer touching with hands or frotting with your dick? Why?

I prefer frotting with my dick, because I cannot cum by touching a woman with my hands. I used to use my hands a fair bit when I was a schoolboy, but now I do that very rarely.

2. At what AGE was your FIRST time groping/frotting? Give details!

I have described this already. I was ten or eleven. It was in an extra-mural French class for people of all ages, including adults. I touched the ass of a girl sitting in front of me. She was maybe 14 years old, white, and a student at an elite high school.
My first successful frotting experience happened around the time of my 14th birthday. I came against her ass when I was on a bus on my way to school. She was a full-grown woman of 30 or 40 at the time. I met her again once years later. She's dead now. I have a picture of her and know her name.

3. What is the longest you have gone hunting AND been unsuccessful?

Not sure exactly, but sometimes if I go out and do not find success, I will keep my powder dry, so to speak, and then venture forth the next day, when I will get what I am looking for.

4. List all the types of places you got away with crazy chikaning? Give examples! (such as in school, parties or events, concerts or whatever)

Buses are the usual place, but I have also done it at bars and street parades. The craziest place has to be at a gospel concert at a church. I also have a happy memory of cumming against a young woman's ass at an open-air gospel concert. She was buying food at a stall during a break, and I just stood behind her and must have cum in less than a minute.

5. Have you done (or not done) something that you really regret? Why? (got caught? upset somebody? missed opportunity?)

My biggest regret is destroying my original diary that covered the years 1992 to about 2001. I had upset a girl who had let me cum on her shoulder, and she retaliated by telling me that she had gone to the police, and they were going to arrest me. It turned out that she was lying.

6. What is your most memorable chikan experience?

Too many to chose from. From one point of view, the climax of my career could be cumming against the shoulder of a religious, 17 year old schoolgirl who is now studying to be a doctor. But something that excites me greatly is when women rub themselves against my shoulder on the bus, or otherwise behave towards me in a sexually aggressive manner, such as palming my ass, or dragging their breasts against my back or shoulder while passing behind or beside me.

7. What other sexual perversions or fetishes do you have besides chikan/frotting?

I have another perversion, but it is usually suppressed when I engage in frotteurism.

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