Re h8covid

1 Do you prefer touching with hands or frotting with your dick? Why?

Both, as I like to do hand swipes when walking past hot girls, but I prefer to have my dick in the arse or up against her arm ;)

2 At what AGE was your FIRST time groping/frotting? Give details!

First time was when I was around 14, I used to take the train into town and once it was jam packed, I remember being squashed up against a women around 20, it was so arousing I wanted t do it again so I did, and the rest is history

3 What is the longest you have gone hunting AND been unsuccessful?

I have struck out, but that is only because my other perversion/fetish is flashing, so my priorities are flashing when I am out and if their is enough crowded buses I will try for a frott

4 List all the types of places you got away with crazy chikaning?

Anywhere there is a crowd, I love to walk past drunk girls and back swipe their soft teen arses, or crowds where I can walk through with my dick out carefully targeting girls to bounce my bare cock on arse or hands, that is HOT

5 Have you done (or not done) something that you really regret? Why?

Some years back I was very careless frotting and got caught by a plain clothed cop, did time, that sucked like fuck, but I bounced back.

6 What is your most memorable chikan experience?

It was a good few years back, got on a night bus in London trying to frott these two goths but they went all the way to the back of the bus, I had to find another target, luckily there was this group of blonds and brunettes that were between fairly drunk to throwing up drunk, I got in a really good arm hump, but as these girls were in short skirts my plan was to cum on the legs of one of them, so I was subtly edging bumping into the closest girls arem a lot..even if she complained a little, drunkenly, lol, long story short, after one of the girls threw up for the SECOND time a girl next to her didn't want to get it on her shoes so she stood backing on to me with her hands behind her, I placed my bare cock against her fingers she felt my cock briefly then recoiled, now know if she was not quite drunk she would have turned and looked at me like wtf?? but just that touched took me over the edge, as she sat back down the blond I had been frotting and rubbing and wanking my cock against got my cum as the bus stopped, I timed it that way, I emptied my balls on her bare legs and as I headed to the doors I heard.."eewww, he" and I was out the doors, my best one ever.

7 What other sexual perversions or fetishes do you have besides chikan/frotting?

Like I stated earlier, I like to flash, in fact its my main perv, frotting/groping is second, and even up skirting too, that is a passion, I mean who doesn't fantasize about what that hot girl has up her skirt ;)

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