Revlon kiss cam (WARNING: she may be 14 years old)

Revlon kiss cam:

It would be even more crowded than that most of the time. Probably came a total of 50-60 times. I even remember what some of my targets wore when I groped them. 2 girls in particular I will always remember. This 14/15 year old let me literally hump her. She had on green pajamas w a nice perky ass. She was one of the few that I’ve groped in my lifetime that actually really liked it. She was laughing the whole time I was humping her . Another girl I remember for a full 5 min trying to get behind her. She was with her bf. After 5 min of trying to squeeze myself behind her, I finally got behind her and went to town. Only lasted a minute or so. It turned me on so much that her bf was right next to me as I was balls deep in his gfs ass cheeks. BALLS DEEP

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