London Tube strikes - great for nice plum booty

Years ago before fucking covid 19 screwed things up. London was one big paradise for chikans like me. One day the london tubes announced that there would be no trains running for 24 hours as part of the tube strikes.

Everyone in the office was moaning. I pretended to be pissed off moaning about how train drivers get too much pay the bastards why they are asking more.
Inside I was smiling with delight. My logic was no trains to get home or to work means certain places in London namely central would be jam packed with hot white sales assistants in short skirts and yoga pants cramming on crowded buses.

Immediately i put a plan together a plan to shag these hot white booty girls oohh yum yum chewing gun stick it your mothers bum ahahah.

Around 5pm I managed to find my way to Oxford Circus and laughed to myself as I saw crowds of office workers and sales assistants waiting at the bus stops.

I got all excited and walked upto to one of the bus stops.There was this young gorgeous brunette in yoga pants ooohhh nice peachy arse so round and fuckable.

I moved in behind her and checked around to make sure there were no undercover police. As I stood behind her I imagined just pressing myself into this white booty arse. My cock was already hard and i had no underwear on it was funny because there was huge swelling rod poking out of my jogging pants.

The bus finally came i got so excited breathing so heavily. The bus stopped it was already full. The sales assistant i was behind began rushing into try and cram onto the bus. There were crowds around me. I got real aggressive an started pushing and shoving the sales assistant . Her booty was shaking back and forth. I wedged my hard on into her crack.

It was like she never noticed i think the chaosis and the crowd diverted her attention from my cock in her crack to getting on the bus. She stopped and crowd began pushing behind me i automatically pressed harder into her. Pressing shoving i even managed to wrap my arms around her waist.

This booty girls is mine ahhh i love sales assistant sexy bitches.Shove shove push push she kept giggling i felt the sexual energy throughout my body.

She finally got on some black guy tried to take my girl away but I pushed him aside and got on with her my cock still wedged inside her crack.

As i got on my face was in her long hair it smelled so nice ahhh i am fucking sex machine man. For minutes on end i was plastered on this white booty sales girl. However to avoid suspicion i got off at the next stop.

As i got off i felt so horny and excited i HAD gone full on with a sales assistant what a feeling ahhh.

I was still horny so walked to the next bus stop and started mastubating behind another sales assistant imagining me shagging her crack. When i came i was tired so headed back home and fell asleep.

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