Kiss cam

@BigT lol yea man imagine being seconds away from cumming on a juicy butt and outta nowhere you get handcuffed from behind . In Times Square! Funny thing is I was still going to the kiss cam after I got caught. I just wore shades and a hat so I won’t be detected lmao. I came maybe 20 more times until they finally shut it down. The good thing that came from getting caught is I’m more aware of my surroundings. Since then I’ve bumped into some suspicious looking (plain clothes looking cops) in subways. I know it’s them because I would start to notice them follow me in train cars once I spot my target lol. I’m glad I got caught actually. I’m hyper aware now.

For those that are curious, I was charged with forcible touching . It was only a misdemeanor. Since it was my first time they cut me some slack. Only had to complete a program . Lasted about 2 years. Fucking annoying tbh. After I completed that, I went back to court and the case was then thrown out. It’s not on my record anymore ;)

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