Untitled (WARNING: she may be 11 years old)

1. Do you prefer touching with hands or frotting with your dick? Why?

I used to only frot with my dick. I started seeing other chikans do it in public and it amazed me. Lol how these girls really don’t have any clue that they’re being groped. Sometimes aggressively. But yea now I do both. As a matter of fact I frot with my hands first to test the waters.

2. At what AGE was your FIRST time groping/frotting? Give details!

Most memorable early frots was when I was 10 or 11. I used to see my older brother grope one of our cousins when I was younger, which is how I got into it. Anyway, my neighbor used to have a pool many years ago, I used grab my neighbors friends ass all the time. She was 9 at the time. I can’t tel you how her ass looked because it was thru the eyes of an 11 year old. Lol but now however, she has a nice fucking ass man. Nice body period.

3. What is the longest you have gone hunting AND been unsuccessful?

I said it before already . 6am-9pm. It was the longest I went. It was awful man. Literally felt like a crack addict.

4. List all the types of places you got away with crazy chikaning? Give examples! (such as in school, parties or events, concerts or whatever)

Subways, buses are the norm to grope. One of the weirdest places I was able to grope and cum was on a line waiting to order food at this restaurant lmao. It was an older lady in her 50’s probably. She was leaning over trying to read the menu. I took advantage and got behind her. Luckily for me, she was too fucking blind to see the menu . She had a hard time reading :). I took a while to cum too lol. Like 10 min.

5. Have you done (or not done) something that you really regret? Why? (got caught? upset somebody? missed opportunity?)

I got arrested once in 2015 for groping. 2015-2016 were the worst years for me. Long story short I was groping at the revlon camera kiss cam in Times Square. Man I used to literally go everyday and successfully cum almost every time. Unfortunately there was a fucking plain clothes cop right next to me. Handcuffed me in front of 100’s of people .by far the most embarrassing moment of my life. I didn’t do any time. But I had to complete 100 hours of counseling for sex offenders. It was awful man. I was really depressed. I’m just glad my parents aren’t aware of this. I was able to hide it from them.

6. What is your most memorable chikan experience?

I said it already a couple of days ago but long story short... I was 16 at the time. I had this 11 year old with an ass of a 15/16 year old. I had her sit on my dick while we took pictures on my gmas computer chair for 10 min ;). I had the biggest boner ever man. I poked her ribs (tickling her) for about 30 seconds bouncing up and down on my dick while humping her at the same time. My dick was so damn hard . I couldn’t resist . I came in 30 seconds ;)
7. What other sexual perversions or fetishes do you have besides chikan/frotting?

not really a fetish but if a girl can deepthroat my 7 inch dick , I would prefer that over frotting (unless I’m humping a girl up against a barrier) or sex.

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