Central line london - arse shagging the white booty

Years ago i use to monitor tube trains for delays. What I use to do is an hour before 5pm i would venture to the station where there was plenty of office white booty in skirts.

One time one of the stations got so jam packed the platform was rammed with hot office girls. I wore my jogging bottoms the moment the tube train arrived i just got behind a blonde booty office girl and kept behind her sticking to her like super glue ohhhh.

She noticed me behind her she squeezed onto the carriage and then shouted 'you cant get on here theres too many people' i got mad so just before the doors closed i rammed myself into the carriage plastering myself all over this gorgeous white booty blonde and back ohhhh.

She moaned and started complaining or hes pushing hes pushing. I began laughing to myself as i plastered against this white bitch. Face in her good smelling hair cock inside her crack.

I lashed my tongue out and licked her hair then breathed heavily down her neck.I felt her body stiffen up. Seconds before the next stop i began grinding on her arse moaning and breathing hard.

When the tube finally stopped I got off looked at her. She looked at me with angry eyes i smiled and walked off.

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